A work tool for the innovative entrepreneur
MatMaX is a Maturity Matrix: a metrics designed as a work tool for the startup entrepreneur or innovation project manager.

MatMaX helps quantify the maturity level of a product innovation project in two dimensions:

  • The Technical Readiness Level (TRL)
  • The Commercial Readiness Level (CRL)

Position your project or startup onto the matrix grid, using the levels definitions.

  • your current objective maturity status
  • the next levels to be reached
  • the actions to be taken to reach them

MatMaX is a powerful dynamic tool enabling you, depending on the position in the matrix, to identify and activate expertise and coaching in:

  • R&D and product management
  • Marketing & Industrial design
  • Sales & Business development
  • Organisation & Governance
  • Financing
  • Intellectual property & Legal
  • Human resources...

Test your maturity level with MatMaX