DN&T is an engineering company, active in shipbuilding industry business. DN&T provides the wide range of services and consultancies, starting with the initial ship design up to Detail design and workshop information.

Since its foundation, DN&T aims at providing complete and optimal ships solutions according to the client’s needs by using advanced CAD-CAE technology which guarantees a reliable and fast work with a well-experienced engineering team. DN&T has the ability to work on a large range of product by means of different kinds of activities.

The DN&T’s activity is fully computerized. The performance characteristics of sea keeping, resistance and powering can be provided by numerical simulation CFD and/or towing tank test. The FEM is used for global and local structural analysis of the ship. DN&T uses the in house software LBR-5 for a structural optimization, allowing for evaluation of optimization of the weight or the production costs.

DN&T is a spin-off company of the University of Liege co-founded by A. Hage and Professors from the University of Liege in 2006.

DN&T works in a close collaboration with the University of Liege in the management of the towing tank test.


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