B-SENS is a  company specialized in the development of OEM sensors based on the fiber Bragg grating technology. Its unique expertise lies in the design, realization and implementation of physical and (bio)chemical sensors. These sensors are provided to customers to ensure the safety of goods and people.

Optical fiber gratings yield miniaturized sensors that can be distributed, remotely monitored or inserted into small spaces, allowing their use in numerous fields. Their association with a specific sensitive layer reveals their most ground-breaking nature, opening the way to in situ (bio)chemical and physical sensing and offering great, perhaps even revolutionary, new capabilities of sensors deployment. In this configuration, the grating is a generic and adaptive device while the sensitive layer brings the specificity.

The B-SENS team possesses an exclusive know-how in physical and (bio)chemical sensors based on fibre Bragg gratings and functional coatings. Based on your specifications, B-SENS is the right partner for advanced sensors development and offers you:

  • Fiber gratings design and manufacturing,
  • Sensitive coating synthesis,
  • Physical & (bio)chemical sensors development,
  • Dedicated interrogation development,
  • Lab & field tests,
  • Turnkey demonstrators,