AARDEX Group (Advanced Analytical Research on Drug Exposure), is the pioneer and leader since nearly 35 years in applications designed to measure, analyse, and manage patient adherence in clinical trials (200+ drug trials), research settings (800+ peer-reviewed publications), and professional healthcare systems. 

AARDEX Group provides end-to-end hardware and software adherence solutions based on MEMS® (Medication Event Monitoring System), integrating powerful visualization and analytical tools which process dosing history data recorded using MEMS® smartpackages (Cap, Helping Hand, EDP, Button, Cream Tube) and MEMS®-compatible smartpackages (injectables, inhalers, eyedrops and others dosage forms). 

Electronic medication event monitoring is now widely recognized as the gold-standard method for compiling patients’ drug dosing histories during clinical trials. A small microcircuit, integrated into the drug smartpackages, records the time and date of each opening of the smartpackage.

MEMS® solutions have been used so far in about one million patients across 70 countries, resulting in the largest data/knowledge database that can be used for modelling and simulations.  

AARDEX Group has a unique team of academic and industry experts in key areas including medicine and therapeutics, biostatistics, engineering, production, sales and marketing, and customer support. The company’s vision is to continuously innovate in data-driven adherence feedback solutions to enhance digital therapeutics and patient empowerment.


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